Quick Home Maintenance Tips

Looking for quick and easy home maintenance tips that will save you a lot of money in the long run. Read on to find out.  

Garage door maintenance  

You can start with testing your garage door on a monthly basis. This will help you make sure that the grade door reverses as it meets with some sort of an obstruction. Plus this will also help make sure that the sensor beam of the garage door is not obstructed as well. If you keep doing this on a monthly basis it will make sure that you do not spend unnecessary amount of money for the maintenance of the garage door which will be a significant cut off your bank balance.  

Clean the carpets  

If you have a carpeted floor it is important that you maintain the status of the carpets on at least a quarterly basis. Make sure that you seek help from a proper carpet cleaning service in order to maintain the cleanliness of the carpets. The carpets tend to track dust particles and germs. If you have pets, the tendency of your carpets trapping germs will be much greater. If your family members are young in age or prone to asthma and other respiratory diseases, a dirty carpet can be a problem in the long run. You can view more here http://www.shome.com.hk/maid/?lang=en

Get help 

If you have young kids and a busy schedule you can seek help from professional home assistant services as well. This will be really helpful for working moms as well. There is nothing like taking some of the workload off your hands and these services will help you stick to your daily routine of work efficiently without you slipping off the track.  

Cleaning the clothes dryer 

Make sure that you vacuum the exhaust duct of the dryer of your machines at least on a yearly basis. If the exhaust duct of the dryer is made of plastic make sure that you replace it on a yearly basis. This can pose a fire hazard for you and for everyone in the house.  

Air conditioner cleaning 

You have to clean the central air conditioning system on a seasonal basis; ideally after summer when you use have used the air conditioning system on a regular basis. Make sure that you have cleaned the leave and the debris that is stuck in the condenser in the air conditioning system of your home.  

Smoke detector maintenance 

Do make sure that the batteries in your smoke detectors are replaced on a yearly basis. Also remember that even the recently installed or hard wired detects have some batteries for backup that need to be replaced.